Tweezer for Eyelash Extensions

90-Deg Tweezer for Eyelash Extensions – 5MM. These Exquisite Professional Eyelash Extensions Tweezers Are Versatile In Any Salon. Perfect For Applying For Eyelash Extensions. Need Delicate Precision Then These Are Perfect.

Stainless Steel Matte Finish Points With A 90-Degree Curve & Gold Plated. This Eyelash Extension Tweezers Is Crafted From Stainless Steel. They Are 90-Degree Curved Tweezers.

These Curved Tweezers Are Lightweight & Offer An Exceptionally Fine Point For Precise Accuracy. 

Additionally, These Eyelash Extension Tweezers Have Been Designed By Beautgenix Instruments Company.

Design & Material:

  • Stainless Steel 40X13 With High Corrosion Resistance.

  • Metal Hardness 49-53 HRC.

  • The Shape Of The Working Edges Is A Point.

  • Easy Stroke & Weight Of The Tool.

  • Comfortable Ergonomic Shape Of The Handles.

  • Tight Closing Of The Working Edges.

  •  Softness & Smoothness Of Handle For A Better Working Experience

  • Gold Plated Working Part Prevents Glue From Sticking.

  • Matte Handles Prevent Slipping In The Hand.

  • Suitable For All Types Of Eyelash Extensions Installation.



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