Eyelash tweezer

Tweezer for Eyelash Extensions

3D Professional Eyelash Extensions Tweezer5MM These lovely Professional Eyelash Tweezers are versatile in any salon. Perfect for applying Eyelash Extensions. Need delicate precision then these are perfect.

Stainless Steel Titanium finish points with a L shape curve and Gold Plated, This Eyelash  Tweezer are crafted from stainless steel. They are 3D Professional Curved Eyelash Tweezers.

These Eyelash Extensions Tweezers are lightweight and offer an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy. 

New And High Quality Package Included: 

*Tweezers Plastic protective ring: After use, wipe clean and put on the protective ring to reduce clamp tension and prolong life.

High resilience: 

The tail is solidly welded, with High Elasticity and Stable Holding, Durable and not falling off Anti-sli

This Gold L shape Eyelash Tweezer is used for Eyelash Extensions Installation. Easy in use and also have a Lifetime Guaranteed.

Additionally, the Tweezers have been Designed By Beautgenix Instruments Company.

    •  Stainless Steel 40×13 with High Corrosion Resistance.

    • Metal Hardness 49-53 HRC.

    • The shape of the working edges is point.

    • Easy stroke and weight of the tool.

    • Comfortable ergonomic shape of the handles.

    • Tight closing of the working edges.

    • Softness and smoothness of Handle for better working experience

    • Gold plated working part prevents glue sticking.

    • Matte handles prevent slipping in the hand.
 These Eyelash Extension Tweezers Suitable For All Types Eyelash Extension Tweezer.


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