Lash Extension Tools & Supplies

Lash Extension Tools & Supplies Are Much Important For Eyelash Technicians & Salon Owners. Certainly, Here Are Some Lash Extension Tools & Supplies Used By The Lash Technicians & Also Beautgenix Instruments Offers Diversify Range Of Eyelash Tools & Supplies.

Eyelash Extension Tools & Supplies:

Now, We Discuss In This Blog Post Important Supplies For Lash Extensions:

  • Lash Extension: These Are Individual Lashes That Are Applied To Each Natural Lash To Turn Out A Fuller Look.
  • Lash Adhesives Or Glue: Adhesives Or Glue Are Used To Bond The Extensions To The Natural Lash.
  • Lash Adhesive Remover: These Removers Are Used To Remove Lash Extensions Safely & Without Damaging Natural Eyelashes.
  • Tweezers: Precision Tweezers Are Used To Isolate & Apply Extensions To The Natural Eyelashes.
  • MicroFiber Brushes: These Type Of Brushes Are Used To Clean & Separate The Lashes During The Application Process.
  • Lash Extension Trays: These Trays Are Come In Different Lengths, Thickness & Curls To Customise For Each Client.

  • Lash Primer: Primers Are Used To Separate The Natural Lashes For The Application Process & Ensure Better Adhesion.

  • Lash Sealant: This Is Used To Protect The Lashes & Extend The Life Of The Extensions.

  • Lash Scissors: These Scissors Too Much Important Tool That Is Used By Technicians. These Are Used To Trim The Extensions To The Desired Lenght Of The Client.

  • Under-Eye Pads: These Pads Are Used To Protect The Lower Lashes & Skin. It Also Helps To Enhance The Client Comfort Zone & Helps To Achieve More Precise & Polished Look.

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