Hair cutiing scissors

Choosing Hair-Cutting Scissors

If You Are A Professional Hairstylist Looking To Up Your Game? One Of The Most Important Tools In Your Tool Kit Is Your Professional Hair Cutting Scissors.

There Are So Many Types Of Scissors Available On Beautgenix Instruments, Choosing-Hair Cutting Scissors For Your Needs.

In This Post, We’ll Discuss The Different Types Of Hair Cutting Scissors, Choosing Hair-Cutting Scissors & The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pair.


Table Of Contents:

  • Types Of Hair Cutting Scissors
  • Keep In Mind Things When Choosing Hair-Cutting Scissors
Types Of Hair Cutting Scissors:

Here Are Three Types Of Scissors: Straight Blades, Curved Blades, & Thinning Shears.

  • Straight Blades Are The Most Common Type Of Hair Cutting Scissors. They Are Versatile & Can Be Used For A Variety Of Cutting Techniques, Such As Blunt Cuts, Point Cuts, & Slide Cutting.
  • Curved blades Have A Slightly Curved Design That Allows For More Precision When Cutting. They Are Particularly Useful For Creating Layers & Adding Texture To Hair.


  • Thinning shears Have Teeth On One Blade That Allow You To Thin Out The Hair Without Taking Off Too Much Length. They Are Ideal For Creating Soft, Blended Looks.
Keep In Mind Things When Choosing Hair-Cutting Scissors:
  • Size: Scissors Come In Different Sizes, Ranging From 4.5 Inches to 7 Inches. The Size You Choose Depends On Your Hand Size & The Type Of Cutting You Will Be Doing. For Example, If You Have Small Hands, You May Find It Easier To Work With A Smaller Pair Of Scissors.
  • Weight: The Weight Of The Scissors Can Affect Your Comfort & control When Cutting. Lighter Scissors Are Easier To Handle & Reduce The Risk Of Hand Fatigue, While Heavier Scissors Can Provide More Cutting Power.
  • Handle Design: The Handle Design Of The Scissors Can Affect Your Grip & Comfort. Some Have A Straight Handle, While Others Have An Offset Handle That Places Your Thumb At A More Comfortable Angle. Choose A Handle Design That Feels Comfortable & Secure In Your Hand.

Choosing The Right Hair Cutting Scissors Is Crucial For Professional Hairstylists. But We Make It Easy For You With Our Blog. You Must Read This Information & Then Buy A Good Pair Of Scissors From Beautgenix Instruments. You Must Consider The Type Of Scissors, Size, Weight, & Handle Design When Selecting A Pair.

Hair cutiing scissors


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